Mission 7 Team Resources

This page contains team resources to help teams build and setup their home testing sites to match the official competition arena. Flying the mission at home before arriving at the Competition is highly encouraged!

Build your own arena
iRobot CreateHere is a shopping list to help your team build an arena that will be representative of the offical competition arena. The arena can be constructed for around US $50.
Safety Shutdown Switch Design and Requirements
Safety has always been a primary concern of the IARC. Often teams arrive at the IARC with safety switch solutions that are not independent of the onboard computer, or are in other ways inadequate. Teams without acceptable safety switch mechanisms are NOT allowed to fly. A simple and effective means of killing power to the motors of a small air vehicle through the use of a separate radio control receiver has been developed by a member of the IARC Judging staff so that teams can be assured that their safety switch will be acceptable to the Judges on the day of the Competition. This design can be copied and built as is, or used as a reference design for teams to implement into their own vehicle. This design is considered the minimum requirement by which other safety switch mechanisms will be judged.

Teams are not required to use this design. Many of the larger quadrotors utilized today can draw 125+ Amps and would necessarily require higher-rated components than are presented in the example design. Please modify accordingly.
Mission 7 Simulator
Beihang University has graciously written and provided a Mission 7 IARC simulator application that is available for download. It currently only runs on Windows. Download the .zip file, decompress it, and launch IARC2015_byComb.exe. Instructions for use are included in the application.
Information About the Ground Robots
iRobot Create 2Create® 2 Programmable Robots will be used as ground robots for Mission 7. The original Create has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but has been replaced by the Create 2. The Create 2 is not directly compatible with the control interface utilized on the original Create, but the platform is capable of performing the actions required for the Competition. Create 2 control board instructions are now available. The top touch paddle instructions are now available.
Competition Venues
For information regarding the location of the American and Asia/Pacific venues, click the read more link.
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