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Official Mission 7 Rules

The rules for the 7th mission of the International Aerial Robotics Competition can be found here. The PDF file located on this page is considered the only OFFICIAL source of rules for the competition. The staff makes every attempt to avoid modifying the rules, however if this occurs, a revision and modification date will be included in the PDF to help teams determine whether they have the latest version.

Official Competition Rules (English & Chinese)

Revision Description
Revision 5 - September 2013 Original public release
Revision 6 - October 2013 Formatting change to make the text more understandable -- nothing of substance was changed
Revision 7 - October 2013 Correction of inconsistency -- boundary line width corrected to 8cm
Revision 8 - October 2013 Correction of inconsistency -- arena bisect line width corrected to 8cm
Revision 9 - October 2013 Added side-by-side Chinese translation -- no English content was changed
Revision 10 - March 2014 Modified arena figure to show more detail regarding arena layout
Revision 11 - August 2014 Updated to clarify number of allowed vehicles and scoring details
Revision 12 - January 2016 Updated calendar, iRobot Create picture, URLs, multiple University team policy, and obstacle robot contact rules
Revision 13 - January 2017 Corrected inconsistencies noted at 2016 event
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