Sharing Video / Photo Data

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Sharing Video / Photo Data

Post by jonasb » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:47 pm

To all Teams,

This is an invitation from the Multirotor Robot Design Team from Missouri University of Science and Technology to share the videos taken of the field and roombas after Mission 7 2017.

My team is currently using the footage from last year to train our multirotor's vision software, and we figured many of you must be doing the same. As you well know, the more footage the better you can train, so we are proposing a collaborative effort in which we share with each other the footage that we took.

I know that we all want to see Mission 7 completed this year, so now would be the time to come together and work to make that happen! Please respond to this thread if you would like to collaborate so we can work out a way to share footage!

Jonas Buxton
Founder & CEO Multirotor Robot Design Team

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