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Clarification regarding launch

Post by matiasvc » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:32 am

I just wanted to get some clarification on how the launch will work during the competition now that the rules have been changed slightly.

Last year we were told to launch from outside the grid and allowed to take off and enter the arena manually, and then switch to autonomous mode once we were in the air inside the arena.

Now that the rules have been changed to "The launch location is within any of the four corner 1m-by-1m squares." Are we still allowed to launch manually and switch to autonomous once we are in the air? Or must the switch to autonomous happen while we are still on the ground, and the the entire launch autonomously?

There also seems to be some inconsistencies in the rules.

One page 10, under section 5 it says "Upon entering the arena under autonomous control, aerial robots must remain within the bounds of the arena or the attempt will end", i guess we will no longer be "entering" the arena under the new launch procedures.

Also on page 7, under section 2 it says "The aerial robot will launch from a white side of the arena." This also seems to be inconsistent.
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Re: Clarification regarding launch

Post by IARC Organizer » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:50 pm

The aerial robots have demonstrated the ability to launch completely autonomously in past missions, so it was deemed a step backwards to allow them to enter under manual control and then switch over to full autonomy. This was initially done as a convenience, but was found to cause confusion as to exactly when a team "went autonomous". Since the autonomous takeoff has been demonstrated in prior Missions, it was decided to eliminate the run start confusion by requiring a behavior that has been well established.

There was also chaos regarding where teams started, so to allow some flexibility while adding structure to the launch procedure, we designated the four corner squares as the launch points. The reference on page 7 section 2 was missed in the prior revision and we'll fix that if we find another major error/inconsistency, but since each of the corner squares bound a "white side of the arena" on one of its sides, you will be launching from a "white side of the arena" if you launch from one of the four designated squares.