Who's been watching the IARC?

television Television
Michelson and Alda
Competition founder Robert Michelson is interviewed
by Alan Alda for Scientific American Frontiers
  • Scientific American Frontiers
  • Discovery Channel: "Next Step"
  • Discovery Channel: "World of Wonder"
  • CNN
  • CNN "Technology Week"
  • CNN "Futurewatch"
  • BBC "Tomorrow's World"
  • AM Canada (Syndicated)
  • First Look (Syndicated)
  • CCTV (China Central Televison)
  • Various independent, and ABC-CBS-NBC-FOX affiliates**

**(for example, in 1993 the competition was seen by an estimated audience of 3,080,000 viewers as compiled from information provided by the Georgia Tech Research Communications Office, Nielsen SIGMA electronic encoding, Burrelle's monitoring reports, a random callback survey conducted by N/BN, and hard copy recieved from individuals around the world. Annual media coverage has increased ever since.

radio Radio
  • National Public Radio "Technovation" (uplinked via Galaxy 6 satellite)
  • Armed Forces Radio (400 stations reaching 127 countries)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (Radio Syndicate)
  • Various independent and national affiliates
newspaper Print Media
  • Business Week
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Scientific American
  • Discover
  • Mechanica Popular (Latin America)
  • London Daily Telegraph
  • Computer World
  • Omni Magazine
  • The Australian
  • The Sciences
  • IEEE Computer Society "Expert Systems Magazine"
  • IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Design News
  • PC Novice
  • Military & Aerospace Electronics
  • Engineering Horizons Magazine
  • Government Product News
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Military Robotics Magazine
  • The Futurist
  • Washington Technology News
  • AHS Magazine
  • Model Airplane News
  • Engineering Times
  • Various regional and city newspapers such as the Atlanta Journal, Chicago Tribune, and the Edmonton Journal
  • Gulf Times
internet Internet
  • Popular Mechanics Zone
  • Scientific American Frontiers "Ask the Scientists" (AOL)
  • Hot Wired
  • Gizmag
  • Bloomberg
  • AZrobotics
  • EE|Times
  • Red River Valley Research Corridor
  • Robots.net
  • UAS Vision
  • InFuture.ru
  • EET China
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