International Aerial Robotics Competition

American and Asia/Pacific Venues

The International Aerial Robotics Competition is conducted at two venues. One venue is in the United States (the "American Venue") at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. The other venue (the "Asia/Pacific Venue") is in Beijing, People's Republic of China.


Teams can compete in Mission 8 at one or the other venue (not both) under the same rules. All procedures will apply equally at either venue. New teams will register at either the "American Venue" or the "Asia/Pacific Venue."

Two venues operating on opposite sides of the planet -- competition arenas, judging, rules, and procedures will be uniform across both venues. Asia/Pacific Judges and American Judges will confer, and representatives from both venues will be present at the each venue. A winner for Mission 8 could emerge from either venue. New entries for Mission 8 should consider which venue suits them best, but once a venue is chosen, teams must continue at that venue (no switching). The online Application Form provides a space for designating the venue of choice.

American Venue

The American Venue of the International Aerial Robotics Competition will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The venue is the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center, site of the 1996 Olympic swimming venue. Upon arrival in Atlanta, please make sure to check-in online by clicking here. Application fees can be paid via credit card here. Please ensure that you list "International Aerial Robotics Competition" in the "purpose for payment" field.

Campus Recreation Center

Nearest Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta, Georgia (12 mi; 15 minute drive)

Driving Directions

The Georgia Institute of Technology is easily reached from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport via I-75/85. Upon arrival, park in the Area 3 Visitor Parking Lot [map]. Please see the detailed schedule for maps to individual buildings and events.

MARTA Rail/Tech Trolley Directions

MartaThe venue can also be reached via the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority rail system. The red or gold trains from the Airport station can be taken to the N4 Midtown station (approximately 20 minute ride). Georgia Tech Trolley busses run a route from the N4 Midtown Station to campus. The closest Trolley stop to the Campus Recreation Center is the Student Health Center stop. The check-in location is at the Campus Recreation Center. The Tech Trolley busses run on a 12 minute schedule along this route.

Arrival Instructions

Upon arrival on campus, enter the Campus Recreation Center front doors and proceed to the IARC check-in staff desk. The official schedule with maps and recommended parking locations can be found here.


The closest hotels to the venue (ordered by distance) are:
Hilton Garden Inn  Courtyard Mariott  Georgia Tech Hotel  Hampton Inn  Regency Suites Midtown  Mariott Midtown Inn  Hyatt Regency

Hardware / Hobby Stores

The closest hardware, electronics, and hobby stores to the venue (ordered by distance) are:

Point of Contact for American venue

Stuart Michelson

Asia/Pacific Venue

The 2018 Asia/Pacific Venue of the International Aerial Robotics Competition will be held in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Upon arrival in Beijing, please make sure to check-in online by clicking here.

Beihang University Gym

Nearest Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

Shunyi, Beijing (29 km; 30 minute drive)

Driving Directions

Public Transportation Directions

By train: Take the Airport express to Sanyuanqiao Station and transfer to line 10. Get off at Xitucheng Station, Gate A.

By bus: There is a shuttle bus from airport with the destination of Zhongguancun. Getet off at the Xueyuanqiao stop. The cost is approximately 16 RMB. The shuttle bus leaves every 20 minutes. The bus hotline is 010-64573891 / 64594376 / 64594375

By taxi: The fare for the trip is approximately 85 RMB.


The closest hotels to the venue are:

Point of Contact for Asia/Pacific venue

Prof. WANG Yingxun